We are Legion: Rome - become worthy of Caesar's service

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Become part of the Legion and forge your own path to victory, strewn with corpses. Become a brutal invader who will hesitate at nothing to enforce Caesar’s will. All for the glory of Rome.

Thanks to the relentless work of Titanite Games‘ hammers and forge bellows and the great commitment of Gaming Factory, today we can share with you the first teaser of our joint game production –
We are Legion: Rome.

We are Legion: Rome

is an action-adventure RPG set in ancient Rome, where you will face dozens of deadly opponents on multiple battlefields.

Each challenge will require a different strategy, but one thing is inevitable – a bloody slaughter. All for the glory of Rome.

In We Are Legion you play the role of a ruthless Legionnaire. In order to live and to see another day, you will have to feel the Legion, you will have to become the Legion. This means fighting side by side with your brother in arms and following orders.

Feel the brotherhood of steel – brother Legionaries’ lives  depend on you. Your life depends on the Legion. You are united with your Legion not only through sharing meals at the camp and training. You are united by the blood of your enemies. No matter what happens during battle, you are never alone.

Join Rome’s elite – following orders and daily drills are just the beginning of your journey. Get noticed by your commanders and prove to them that you will stop at nothing, so the elite roman cohorts can welcome you as one of their own.

Explore the Legion from inside –  become a part of a relentless war machine, let your brothers see your best while at camp, and your worst on a battlefield. Show them what you’re worth. 

Your status depends on your equipment and skill – remember, you are not a barbarian who uses a rusty piece of metal. The weapons you use affect how many corpses you leave behind you and how you are perceived by the Legion.

Fight and conquer for the glory of Caesar – fight against the Empire’s enemies. Stain their lands with their blood. Take part in great battles and lead the way during epic sieges. And remember – everything for Caesar’s glory.

Experience the true face of ancient war – thanks to various battle scenarios you will experience what a real war is. In Caesar’s words –  The Legion is part of the Empire which brings civilization to barbaric tribes. Learn to fight, understand what you are fighting for, and become part of history. 

Realize love and hate – experience the toll war takes on everyone, including you. Write letters to your beloved one, share your thoughts and judgments. Will you be able to convince her that despite the distance and realities of a brutal war, you are still the same loving man?

Become part of a great conquest and let your name be enscrolled on the pages of history.