About us

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The history of our studio dates back to 2012 when our team was still operating under the name of Tap It Games. The enthusiasm of the team combined with the rich experience and knowledge of players’ needs resulted in the success of such games as 9 Clues and 9 Clues 2.

Today, TITANITE GAMES sp. z o.o. is a real forge producing games, which from the very beginning are supervised by Daniel Miszkiel – creator, designer, and master of gaming guild with significant publishing successes, who has been successful in the game industry for over ten years.




In the games industry since 2010.
Founder and ex-CEO of One
More Level S.A..

Today, the first part of visual novel Perseverance: Part 1 was created from the Titanite Games smith’s hammer, and thanks to the strength of our core values of truth, respect, openness, and responsibility, our new projects Perseverance: Part 2 and Bandit Simulator are about to debut!